QR Coded Medical ID Wallet Card

For our members who signed up for one of our FREE Medical ID Membership Plans, we are proud to offer you this opportunity to purchase one of our Medical ID Wallet Card Systems.

A Medical ID Wallet Card System that will allow you to print out a credit card sized version of the full page Medical ID Profile that you can print out with your FREE Membership Plan now.

When you purchase this life-saving Medical ID Wallet Card System you will also receive a long-lasting Protective Wallet Card Cover that will protect all of the medical records information you print out on your computer that you will be able to carry in your purse or wallet to make it a lot easier and faster for 911 personnel to find it and start treating you even if your are unconscious and can't speak Since The Medical ID You Are Carrying In Your Wallet Will Be Able To Speak For You!

Only $ 14.95

Comes With A

Lifetime Warranty

Free Lifetime Medical Profile