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Taking a Closer Look At All The Symptoms of A Heart Attack

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  • September 25, 2019

Taking a Closer Look At All The Symptoms of A Heart Attack

Usually, when it comes to heart attacks, most people are aware of the common symptoms which occur. These are the ones that we always hear about. If a person experiences pressure in their chest, tightness in their chest or arms, or even an aching pain which travels to their jaw, their neck and back, it could be a major indicator that they are having a heart attack.

On the other hand, some incidents are so slight that it is very easy to mistake them for something else. Ignoring them can be dangerous since a heart attack always requires medical assistance. Without it, the chances of survival are slim to none. Additionally, most people don’t experience the pain in their chest until it’s too late. By paying attention to the symptoms beforehand, you can improve your chances with ease.

The Overlooked Signs of Heart Attacks

As mentioned, overlooking the signs of a heart attack is dangerous and a person is more likely to have a fatal one because of it. The following are some signs which a person can experience before he heart attack strikes:

Coughing and Nausea

They’re often mistaken for someone feeling under the weather but coughing and nausea can be signs that you are going to have a heart attack. Unfortunately, most people usually have some cough syrup and put off going to the doctor.

Vomiting and Dizziness

Again, these are two signs which are associated with fevers and flue so not everyone heads over to the doctor’s office until things get worse. Usually, this can worsen until chest pains start to develop.


This is a condition which causes shortness of breath. It can be accompanied by congestive heart failure or even hypoxemia. Both conditions relate to low oxygen levels in the body and can make one feel breathless.

Feeling of Terror

Not everyone experiences this but some people have claimed that there was a feeling of dread or terror before the heart attack occurred. Usually, it’s a feeling the life is about to end for them. Don’t ignore this feeling at all.


A person can start to feel awful about everything and may be tempted to take the day off work. While this is a good idea, also head down to the doctor’s office and get a checkup. This is also a sign of a heart attack and can worsen.


Some people have claimed that before a heart attack, they got very restless, making it unable for them to sit or stand in one place for very long. This also makes it likely that a person will start jogging or doing physical exercises which can be bad for their heart at this time.


Abnormal cold sweats will start to appear, especially for no particular reasons. Palms will also become clammy before a heart attack.

It’s a good idea to head over to the doctor for a checkup or to seek medical attention. If left unchecked, these symptoms can continue to worsen until the heart attack strikes. In some cases, people have reported that they started to feel fine before the heart attack occurred.

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