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Have You Had A “Silent Heart Attack?”

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  • February 15, 2016


According To The U.S. Government’s Center for Disease Control in Atlanta Georgia…Every 43 Seconds Someone In The U.S. Is Having A Heart Attack!

That means about 735,000 men and women in this country are having heart attacks every year!

And if this statistic weren’t bad enough, about 200,000 of this number are having what is called a “Silent Heart Attack” and they don’t even know they have had a heart attack!

What Is A Silent Heart Attack?

A Silent Heart Attack is a heart attack that has few, if any, of the typical Early Warning Symptoms most people have when they have a heart attack   like when an actor in a movie starts clutching their chest and fall down to the floor in terrible pain!

What Causes A “Silent Heart Attack?”

A Silent Heart Attack usually happens when a blood clot in one or more of the arteries in a person’s heart starts blocking the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the rest of their heart causing them to have a heart attack without any symptoms at all!

Why Isn’t A Silent Heart Painful?

The reason Silent Heart Attacks are not as noticeable or painful to this group of people is they might have a much higher tolerance for pain that most of us have!

This group might also be suffering from diabetes since diabetes can affect the nerves in a person’s chest to the point that the nerves in their chest that normally carry pain to and from their chest have become numb making them unable to notice the pains signals their heart’s would start sending them when it senses that it is in the process of dying from the lack of fresh new oxygen rich blood it needs to keep the muscles in their heart from dying!

This same group of people may also be very good at coming up with excuses to try and ignore pain signals.

This group are also masters at making up excuses for the way they feel by blaming everything on something they ate or drank.

And when they real feel bad, they tell themselves they must be coming down with something like the flu. Or they must have pulled a muscle in their chest. Or that they are too busy to feel bad as a way to brush off the Early Warning Signals their heart is sending them…Right Before They Have A Heart Attack!

Can A Silent Heart Attack Cause Death?

Yes! You can “Die” from any type of heart attack!

What Can I Do To Survive A Heart Attack?

The key to surviving a heart attack is to learn how to recognize the Early Warning Signals you heart will start sending you right before you have a heart attack which will give you time to Call 911 to get the medical help you are going to need as rapidly as possible!

While some heart attacks are Sudden, Intense and Deadly, most heart attacks actually start out slowly with your heart sending you some mild feeling of pain, discomfort and/or pressure to your arms, back or chest that tend to get progressively worse and worse over time. 

The pain and discomforts your heart starts sending you are actually your heart’s way of  sending you a “Early Warning Signal” that you are about to have a heart attack due to the lack of the fresh new oxygen-rich blood the muscles in your heart needs to keep it alive.

So Don’t Ignore Them! They Can Save Your Life!

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