17 Feb

Exercise Is A Medicine & Sitting Is A Disease!

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  • February 17, 2016

If You Have Heart DiseaseExercise Can Help Save Your Life!
While Exercise Is Good For Everyone!
If  you are one of the 81 Million men and women living in the United States that have Heart Disease, Strokes or A-Fib the  benefits of exercising can not only help you feel better and take fewer medications…It Can Help You Live Longer!

And here is why! When someone has a heart attack it is often the wake-up call they need to change their old habits and adopt new ones!

The Number #1 New Habit You Need To Put On Your “To-Do” List Is To Start Exercising!

There is no secret that exercise is great for your heart because it calms your body and your brain. That’s one of the main reason starting a regular exercise program can add years to your life, even if you are not a hard-core fitness buff.
Just get moving! Even if you exercise just a little every day, it will help you live longer than if you don’t exercise at all!

According To The“American Heart Association” Each Hour You Spend Exercising Adds An Extra 2 Hours To Your Life!

That’s because when you exercise, it lowers your risk of heart disease, improves you blood cholesterol level, high blood pressure and build stronger bones and muscles in your body. Exercise and a healthy diet work together to keep your weight at a healthy level…Because Even Just A Small Amount of Exercise Is Better Than None!

People with a chronic disease like Coronary Heart Disease report that after they start exercising it helped them reduce the symptoms they had, including depression!

Here Are Just A Few of The Many Benefits That People With Heart Disease Report They Found After They Started Exercising Regularly:

  • It helped them feel better about themselves
  • It helped them lower their blood pressure
  • It helped them decrease their bad cholesterol“LDL” levels and increase their good “HDL” cholesterol levels
  • It helped them increase strength of their hearts so it could send more oxygen-rich blood to the rest of their body
  • It helped them lose, maintain and control a healthy weight
  • It helped them build body muscle strength and be more active
  • It also helped them reduce the number of medications they were taking if they had diabetes by helping them control their blood sugar

Should I See My Cardiologist Before I Start Exercising?
Yes! Before you start any type of exercise program, you should contact your Cardiologist to get their advice.

They might want to run some test and check your heart rate when you exercise when you exercise to see how fast you rate should be when you exercise in a gym.

What Exercises Are Best If I Have Heart Disease?

  • Walking – Walking is the best exercises anyone of any age can do!
  • Stretching – Stretching is another good exercise anyone one can do. Stretching can also help you maintain your flexibility which will help you avoid injuries.
  • Strength Training – Lifting light weights can tone your muscles. Your Cardiologist can advise you about which types of strength training you can do and which you should avoid.
  • Aerobic Exercises – Any activity that raises your heart rate is called aerobic exercises. Most people can do some form of aerobic exercise like the following:
  • Brisk walking, hiking, and climbing stairs
  • Gardening and other yard work
  • Bicycling and swimming
  • Housework
  • Dancing
  • Water aerobics

Your exercise program should also include a brief warm-up period (a short walk or some stretching) to get your muscles ready to work properly.

Make sure you start your new exercise program out slowly. Overtime you will become able to do more and more.

Watch out for signs you might be doing too much. If you can’t talk when you are exercising, you are pushing yourself too far and you should slow down!

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