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5 Signs Your Body Shows With An Undiagnosed Heart Disease

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  • September 25, 2019

5 Signs Your Body Shows With An Undiagnosed Heart Disease

Despite the fact that heart diseases affect a large number of the population, there are still some cases where the person is not diagnosed. In fact, there have been a number of deaths associated with undiagnosed heart diseases, the most notable of which was the death of Samantha Edwards, Miss North Dakota, USA in 2016.

It was only when an autopsy was performed that the cause of her death was identified as an undiagnosed, genetic heart disease. The sad part is that if medical help had been sought earlier, the condition could have been treated. It’s a good idea to avoid ignoring the warning signs that your body might be showing and try to get to the source of the issue as soon as possible. The following are some that your body shows with an undiagnosed heart disease:

1. Tiredness and Fatigue

Fatigue after a busy day is normal but if you’re barely starting your day and feeling dead on your feet, it could be an issue. Lack of oxygen and poor heart function can be responsible. As your heart struggles to function, oxygenated blood isn’t getting pumped back as quickly or efficiently as it is needed. This also puts a lot of strain on your heart.

2. Swelling of the Feet

Not all swollen feet occur because of heart diseases. Conditions like varicose veins and even pregnancy can cause feet to swell up. On the other hand, if it is accompanied by other symptoms such as breathlessness and fatigue, it can be an indicator of heart failure. Swelling can also point to the irregular function of the heart valve. If it is fairly recent, head to the doctor for a checkup immediately.

3. Pain in Walking

Pain caused in the legs and hips in physical activities such as walking, jogging or climbing shouldn’t just be chalked up to old age. In fact, it can be an indication of peripheral arterial disease – PAD, which causes a buildup of plaque in the arteries. Data has found that if you have PAD, there’s a 50% chance that you also have a blockage in your heart’s arteries as well.

4. Lightheadedness or Dizziness

Dehydration, getting up too quickly or even exercising too much can make one feel lightheaded or dizzy. On the other hand, if it is occurring on an almost daily basis, it’s time to visit the doctor. Blockages in your arteries can lower blood pressure but poor functioning heart valves can also cause this to happen.

5. Breathlessness

If you’re in perfect health – no smoking, no asthma or respiratory issues – and climbing up the stairs is leaving you gasping for air, your heat might be the culprit here. This happens when fluid starts to collect in the heart due to a malfunctioning valve. The symptoms can also be mistaken for bronchial asthma at times.

Regardless of when and where you are having these symptoms, if they are occurring almost twice or thrice in a week, you need to head to the doctor for a checkup of your heart.

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