How It Works

According to the U.S. Department of Human Resources, Cardio Vascular Disease is the leading cause of death in the United States!

Every year about 1.4 Million American men and women die from Heart Attacks and Strokes!

When You Are Having A Heart Attack or A StrokeEvery Second Counts!

 That is why the closer you live to your local hospital, the better your chances of surviving a heart attack or a stroke…Without Causing Major Damage To Your Heart or Brain!

That is also because your local hospital will have all of your medical records in their computers and be able to access them instantly to start treating you as soon as you arrive!

But when you have a heart attack 50 or 60 miles away from your local hospitalYour Chances of Survival Aren’t Good!


And Here Is Why!

If you have a heart attack that far away from your local hospital, EMS Personnel “Are Not”going take you all of the way back to your local hospital!

They are going to rush you to the nearest hospital in their area and emergency room personnel in that hospital “Is Not”going to have any of your medical records information in their computerWhich Can Be Deadly!

And what do you think will happen if you have a Heart Attack or Stroke and you are in so much pain you are unable to speak when doctors treating you in the emergency room ask you questions they are going to need answers to help them save your life? Questions Like.....


“What are the names and strength in milligrams of all of the medications you are taking?”   

“Do you have Diabetes or any life-threatening Allergies we should know about?”

“What is the name and phone number of your Cardiologist so we can call them to learn more about you and your condition?”

“What is the name and phone number of the hospitals you have had surgery in the past?”

What are the names and phone number of your closest relatives we can call to be with you in the hospital?”

This Is What Might Happen…

Doctors in the emergency room might have to delay treating you until they run a series of “Time Consuming Test” to determine what is wrong with you …While You Lie  There Having a Massive Heart Attack!

 So Make Sure This Doesn’t Happen To You!

By carrying all of your most critical medical records information with you go by wearing one of our QR Code Medical ID Bracelets or Necklaces...Since They Could End Up Saving Your Life Someday!

That way if you do have a heart attack or a stroke and you are wearing one of these QR Coded Medical IDs, emergency medical personnel, anywhere in the world,will have instant access all of your most critical medical records (up to 50 pages) with a touch of a button on their Smartphone!


And The Best News Is Heart Alert Systems QR Coded Medical IDs Are Affordable!

That’s because none the great life-saving QR Coded Bracelets we offer in our STORE cost more than just a few pennies a day to give you and your entire family the peace of mind you deserves knowing that you are always prepared for a serious medical emergencyLike A Heart Attack or Stroke!

So, Go Ahead Take A Look!

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